Eddie Lucitt was born in 1995 in Northridge, California. Growing up as an only child, Eddie spent much of his childhood entertaining himself with movies, music, and spending any time he could on the computer. At age 10, Eddie created his first website using a web builder. With the growth of MySpace HTML templates, Eddie taught himself HTML/CSS, and realized he could apply this to building full websites for himself and clients. Throughout these years, Eddie has made countless websites, album covers, and T-Shirts for himself and his friends.

Starting in 2011, Eddie entered the Academy of Film and Entertainment magnet program at Calabasas High School. In the program, Eddie studied film, editing, and storytelling. Eddie then decided to persue a professional hobby in making films for himself as well as his friends. Eddie has edited numerous short films and web-based television shows. He wishes to continue to work in the online film industry in between working with clients in design.

In 2013, Eddie went to school at The Los Angeeles Recording School in West Hollywood, California. Here, he learned many aspects of the technology that surrounds the music industry and became proficient in Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

And in 2014, Eddie discovered an up-and-coming online streaming platform called Twitch TV. Amazed by the concept of real time interaction with people while playing video games, Eddie signed up for an account under the name "Fivves", which is a referece to the character "High Five Ghost" in Cartoon Network's 'Regular Show'. With the ability to produce live video content with a focus on design and interactivity, Eddie found himself a great way to combine his numerous creative talents.